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Little Seed Evolution's Child Care is
When it comes to our little kids, we simply cannot help but be protective about how their future will go. We seek only the best of education coupled with nurturance and care. Little Seed is an equal opportunity provider.
Services We Offer
  • Art
  • Crafts
  • Dance
  • Physical Education
  • Music
  • Preschool
  • Story Time
  • Drama
  • And more!


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Parent Testimonials

My daughter just turned one when we started daycare for her, about 6 months ago, I was naturally an overprotective mother and worried about placing my only child in daycare, I had a lot of expectations but mainly wanted her being with people who cared…. My husband and I have been more than pleased with the care our daughter receives there everyday! She claps when we pull up in the morning and has learned to walk, say more words and be more interactive with games. We have been so blessed to find a wonderful daycare!!! Christina

My 3 kids are attending here and I am very happy with the care. The staff is friendly and caring towards my kids as well as me. The office staff is caring and greets me every time I come in. I know my kids are really cared about. Whenever I have a question, the management is happy to talk to me and help me with my questions and concerns. I also love that I can call at any time throughout the day, and just check on my kids and see how they are doing. This is especially comforting to me if they’ve had a rough night and I am worried about their day. I also like that the teachers really nice people; I feel like I can trust everyone on their staff which is important to me since they keep my kids most of the day! I totally love Little Seed Evolution and I would recommend it to anyone.

Moving my children to Little Seed Evolution Child Care Center LLC was one of the best things I could have done for my children. My oldest was having issues at his previous daycare and I figured a change of scenery would assist him with developing on the right track. He has done a complete turn around in a matter of months. The owners and teachers worked with his sensory and social issues. I chose Little Seed Evolution because of their location, open and close times, and the great reviews I have heard from other people. The teachers are amazing and friendly, you can feel how much they care for your children by just walking in the room. The owners are involved with everything from activities to one-on-one discussions about your child’s growth and development. They have great activities for the children such as the carnivals and Christmas program they put together. My kids love going to daycare and sometimes do not want to leave. I would highly recommend Little Seed Evolution Child Care Center LLC to anyone and everyone who is looking for first class child care and who wants to have their children around people who truly care. I give them two thumbs up! -Ashley Evans

I have two kids who are attending this school, and a 3 year old starting in fall. It is such a great learning place, my kids come home learning new stuff everyday. There is not a day that they are not excited to go to school. The teachers and staff are very good with the kids and are good with letting you know what goes on through out the day.
The field trips are very fun and educational for the kids, I myself who participate in most, also enjoy them. I have never had a problem with this school, I would recommend them to anyone. -Lucinda

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